Great Escapes Around the World, Vol 2 Издательство: Taschen, 2009 г Суперобложка, 672 стр ISBN 978-3-8365-0999-2 Языки: Английский, Французский, Немецкий Мелованная бумага, Цветные иллюстрации инфо 1400o.

Редактор: Анжелика Ташен The second instalment of Angelika Taschen's round-up of the world's most exceptional hotels and retreats is packed with awe-inspiring photos and tantalizing descriptions of theввябл world's greatest getaways While few will visit them all, this collection provides a dizzying array of exotic destinations for the armchair traveler Highlights include a California inn where Liberace would have felt right at home, and shabby-chic bungalows on Highwayвоетз 1 in Big Sur Choose from luxurious residences nestled on the Ubud hillside overlooking the Ayung River in Bali, or oceanside bungalows on a Brazilian archipelago Go camping in "royal style" in the Indian desert, or opt for a luxury tented camp on an island in the best game-viewing location in Botswana Relax in a hand-woven banda on Zanzibar, a hotel-museum full of contemporary art on the Sicilian coast, or a sumptuous Provencal spa retreat in the south of France Форматвтнсж: 24,5 см x 31 cм Иллюстрации.