Bambi Original Sountrack Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: Walt Disney Records Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2005 г Саундтрек инфо 12171u.

Авторы музыки: Фрэнк Черчилль Ларри Морей Эд Плумб Музыка к мультфильму "Бэмби" In 1928, the same year that Mickey Mouse was born, Felix Salten's story of Bambi, the voung deer who with hввлзбis fellow forest creatures experienced the harsh yet joyful lessons of life, reached the English-speaking world It was an extraordinary story, full of emotion and adventure! Издание содержит красочный буклет с текстами песен на английском языке Содержание 1 Maвнчйаin Title (Love Is A Song) Дональд Новис 2 Sleepy Morning In The Woods / Everybody Awake / The Young Prince / Learning To Walk 3 Exploring / Through The Woods / Say Bird/Flower 4 Little April Shower 5 The Meadow / Bambi Sees Faline / Ham Hi Gets Annoyed 6 Gallop Of The Stags / The Great Prince Of The Forest/Man 7 Autumn / The First Snow / Fun On The Ice 8 The End Of Winter / New Spring Grass / Tragedy In The Meadow 9 Wintery Winds 10 Let's Sing A Gayвтидз Little Spring Song 11 It Could Even Happen To Flower 12 Bambi Gets Twitterpated / Stag Fight 13 Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song) 14 Man Returns 15 Fire / Reunion / Finale 16 Rain Drops (Demo Recording) 17 Interview With Walt Disney 18 Interview With Supervising Animators Ollie Johnston And Frank Thomas 19 Interview With Henry Mancini Исполнитель Дональд Новис Donald Novis.